Competition Between Cryptocurrency ATM Providers Is Heating Up

In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This remarkable piece by MELANIE KRAMER published on Bitcoinist says that “the market demand for cryptocurrency ATMs has grown rapidly. Cryptocurrency owners need ATMs to quickly exchange and spend their invested cash when they need to, and the competition between cryptocurrency ATM providers is heating up.” Read on.

“Cryptocurrency ATM makers are thriving, opening up a further new channel for cryptocurrency investors and capital inflow to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Genesis Coin has a 33% share of the ATM market followed by General Bytes at 26%.  General Bytes says it has sold 1,700 ATMs in 53 countries, since 2014.  EasyBit, founded in 2013, has 60 ATMs in operation.

Coinatmradar estimates new cryptocurrency ATMs are being installed around the globe at a rate of nearly 9 per day. At this rate, there will be nearly 5000 cryptocurrency ATMs in operation by the end of 2018.”

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