Understanding Blockchain’s Limits

In this blog, we curate relevant and remarkable content related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and the digital economy. This great piece by Daniel Newman published on Fortune separates the hype from the fact on the topic of blockchain technology. Read on.

“Every relationship goes through a “honeymoon” phase—a bit of time, generally at the start of the relationship, where everything is perfect, dreamy, and mind-blowing. In technology terms, the public has been enjoying that phase with blockchain. Everywhere we turn, we hear about blockchain’s benefits—transparency, security, the ability to build “trustless” business networks for just about anything. Until now, blockchain has been the perfect virtual partner. But, as we’re starting to learn: every honeymoon has its end. And we in the tech industry are starting to notice blockchain’s limits.

Disclaimer: Before all the blockchain and crypto fans start picketing, I want to emphasize every technology has its limits. No person is perfect, and no technology created by a person ever will be, either. But the following are just a few examples of blockchain’s limits—ones we’ll likely be working through in couple’s therapy for quite a while.”

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